Thursday, February 09, 2006

blogger and html

i ran into a little problem when i first started blogging. i wanted to change some of the things to the left of the blog, but unlike other blogger templates, the one i chose used graphics as the titles on the sidebar. me, not knowing anything about html, had to do nothing about that. but i wanted so badly for my new sidebar titles to match the ones there. after i added my links, i decided to see if by chance there was a 'links' graphics i could use. i rolled my mouse over the 'recent posts' title that was already on the blog and it showed a www address. so, i modified the address to read 'links' and sure enough, it was there, a graphic in the pretty font!
well, some time has gone by since then, and i was wondering around the blogger homepage and lo and behold.....

a whole list of the titles i wanted!!!

so, now you can see, my sidebar titles all match! i guess blogger had run into that before...