Thursday, January 12, 2006


well, tonight was my first night of yoga. i meant to start it earlier, but didnt. so, i had no idea that yoga was so hard. well, maybe i knew it was hard, especially since i am not bendy, but it was tiring. i was so surprised.
it was a nice set-up, there were mats for everyone, although i wished they were thicker durring the head stand (which i cant exactly do), and the room was quite large. there was a comment or two made about how many people were there, i would say about 20, and so i am assuming that there are usually less. the teacher was really nice and had a soothing voice. the class was 1.5 hours, and the first part we stretched and yoga-ed intermixed, then totally yoga-ed, then we stretched more and relaxed. it was hard not to fall asleep at the end.
when i was driving home i noticed that i was jittery, must be the endorphins or something. so, i really liked it, and will be back on tuesday.


Adam said...

It's pretty amazing. I also was amazed at the feeling I had afterwards. Super tired, yet very energized.

blaterer said...

yay for yoga! i've only done it once but was amazed at how much more of a workout it actually was! i remember breaking a light sweat!! lol.

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