Monday, January 02, 2006

sunday dinner

well, i am so proud of myself. i made dinner from scrath last night!
we had over some friends, luis and rocio (owners of azul, our local watering hole), and dana and julie, and they had dinner with us (and dessert too, but julie made that).
here is the menu:
corned beef and cabbage, along with potatoes, carrots and onions (dana says i made it just the way he likes it, and luis and rocio had never had it before)
chicken fried steak with gravy (woody doesnt like corned beef, and i am aprehensive about others liking it, so i made some "white trash" food to accomodate)
asparagus with olive oil and salt and crushed red pepper baked in the oven until crispy
red potatoes and onions with butter, garlic and fines herbs
garlic bread
rosemary bread with tepinade spread
salad with green onions, carrots and peppercorn feta
also, some great red wine that the diaz's brought
and for those of you that are wondering what was for dessert, it was a chocolats/peanut butter brownie-like thing that everyone loved.
so, here are some pics

cooking the corned beef. those are beer bubbles around it

asparagus before it went in the oven

the tepenade (i have no idea how to spell that) i made, mostly to get rid of all of the kalamata olives i have

i used our china

our friend luis, i am trying to entice a comment out of him on my blog, but as of yet have had no such luck

julie, woody and dana just chillin after dinner

so, that was the sunday dinner. pretty good i thought. and, i look pretty cute in an apron.


Luis Diaz said...

Dinner was truely great. Rocio and I realy loved it. You and Woody are realy great hosts. We look forward to being asked back as well as having you over to our place soon. We also enjoyed the show your pets put on for us. Next time you get a pictue of me make sure I have my eyes open. Thanks again,

timidvenus said...

i did it! i got luis to post!!!!!
way to be, sara. way to be.

edluv said...

tonight i cooked teryaki salmon, served it on a bed of rice with corn. it was simple yet delicious. heather enjoyed it.

Heather said...

I used to take pictures of meals that I cooked too but then I got lazy a decided that maybe I shouldn't bother since all I made last night was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But your excellent cooking has inspired me

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

If I was in Bakersfield I was hang out at that place often (that's a lot coming from an old man). Thanks for taking me there. Azul was great!

timidvenus said...

thanks scott, im glad you had a good time! come back soon.