Wednesday, January 04, 2006


woody and i decided we would go on a short shopping trip this evening, he said the mens wearhouse was having a sale and he wanted to look at suits for work, and i figured i could spend a few minutes in marshalls, next to the mens wearhouse. well, as it turns out, marshalls was having a huge clearance sale, up to 70 percent off! i am not much for shopping in stores, i cant stand other shoppers, nor do i like dressing rooms, so i usually shop online, from brands that i know my size in. but this evening seemed to be a slow night at the store, so i made my way over to the miles of clerance items. not that you all dont want to hear about all of what went on on my 20 minute spree, but i have come to a conclusion about sale shopping: sales are so you can buy thinks that you would NEVER buy if you didnt think you were getting a deal. this is what i came home with (there is an * next to the things that lead me to the conclusion above):
orange (cal trans, not apricot) tea-length skirt with bits of sequence $13.
salmon strappy silky tank with eggshell lace and beaded trim $3. *
green strappy tank with green trim $5.
pink silk halter top with pink chiffon, pink lace, and pink sequence trim $6. *
green and terquoise waist-long tube top $5. * (although i think it will look nice paired with a sweater)

so, thats that.


edluv said...

"bits of sequence"? does the skirt follow itself?

se·quin Audio pronunciation of "sequin" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (skwn)

1. A small shiny ornamental disk, often sewn on cloth; a spangle.
2. A gold coin of the Venetian Republic. Also called zecchino.


(i know, i'm a jerk)

Anonymous said...

I love clearance shopping but, I have to get into a total mind set otherwise. I hate clearance shopping. I'm with you on the online stuff. But once in a while you always find the diamond in the rough! Good Job!

timidvenus said...

ed, maybe you havent noticed, but i cannot spell. i can, however, get my point across. whatever.