Sunday, January 29, 2006

my weekend

had a spa party. its like a tupperware party, but you get to try/buy spa stuff (lotions, massage oils, scrubs, etc).

worked a funeral in shafter in the morning. then i went home to start some laundry and clean up for my friends courtney and bo that were coming over, only to find that my washer didnt work, and neither did my drier. so, i loaded all of the laundry up and went to a laundrymat (for the first time ever). it was actually not as bad as i had expected, i got to get it all done at once. court and bo got to the house at about 4 and we hung out until dinner. we went to a restruant called mama roomba which serves tapas. then we went to azul to chill for a bit.

i did a removal in the early morning. woody and i embalmed until 11-ish. then we went home and hung out with our guests until they left. woody had a gig at the record shop downtown (see flickr). it went really well. now im just sitting at home wishing i got more sleep.


dana said...

sorry we didn't make it to hear woody. We really wanted to go, but couldn't make it in time once we found out.

Adam said...

Why wasn't I invited to the spa party? Geez? Where's the love?

timidvenus said...

actually, a lot of people werent invited. you werent because you are a boy. others werent because i am lazy and didnt sent out invitations on time. oops.

and dana, its okay. we had fun without you.

Adam said...

What? Boys don't use lotions, massage oils, scrubs, etc? So sexist. Tsk tsk.

timidvenus said...

okay, adam, youre right. i have some stuff to give you in that case. some pretty stuff that smells good.