Wednesday, January 18, 2006

long day

today woody and i went to l.a. in order to ship human remains to el salvador.

side note: i have never personally had a chance to serve a salvadorian familybefore this one, nor has woody, and they were great. this is not to say that i am generalizing and think that all salvadorians are as wonderful as these folks, but let me just say, they sure made my job worth while. the family was HUGE and i did not meet one of them that wasnt super. great people.

anyhew, the salvadorian consulate is in l.a. and in order to ship a body out of this country there is a bit of paperwork that needs to be filed with the consulate of the recieving country (death certificates, transit permit, letter of non-contageous status of the deceased, etc) so that the airline the body goes on can actually take it. so, we got to the consulado de el salvador at around 9 this morning, and i got to practice my spanish (which went surprisingly well) and the papers got certified and all.

so everything was fine and we could take the body to lax to the cargo dept and have it shipped.

this part of the story is out of order: so, as we were leaving the consulate (where we recieved a $45 parking ticket) we see a dignity van. for those of you that arent in the funeral service industry, dignity is part of the logo used by the largest funeral service corperation in the world(aka. service corperation international, or sci for short). well, woody sees it and says, 'dignity. i hate dignity (read with a hint of sarcasm, but mostly true). so, we pull up next to it and our friend, tracy, who we went to mortuary school with is driving. she didnt see us. so, we follow her around the block where she parks to go to the phillipine (sp?) consulate. weird. so, we chat with her for a while.

then, we ate at fred 62, one of the best spots in the world for a grilled cheese with onions. that was followed by some shopping on melrose, woody went for records, i went for clothes, but didnt really find any money in my purse, so was out of luck.

then, we got back to bakos and our friend, javier, called us. his wife had a baby today (which is good, shes been preggers for a while now) and we went to see them. it is a girl, bella marie, and she was 20 inches, 7 pounds 13 ounces. i expected her to be all wrinkled and weird looking, but she was really cute and soft. im gonna get me one soon, too i think.


timidvenus said...

also, i got some BOMB pepinos from a street vendor. thats what i truely miss about not living in santa ana

Adam said...

Sorry, I missed that, did you have lunch with Tracy as well, or just chat with her outside the consulate?

timidvenus said...

no, she had work to do, and we had to meet someone shortly after the consulate, so we just chatted.

also adam, i went to an awesome store that only sells antique arts and crafts furniture and house stuff. coolest store ever! their pieces were really expensive (stickley chair with original finish and leather cushions was $8500), but it was so neato. also, i found this old old book about a&c pieces and thought 'i am totally getting that for adam' then i looked at the price ($85) and thought, 'okay, ill just let him know that i thought about getting it for him. its the thought that counts.' so, adam, i thought about getting it for you. youre welcome.

Adam said...

Thanks Sara, the kindness of your thought did not go unappreciated.

timidvenus said...

i knew it wouldnt, thats why i already said youre welcome.