Thursday, January 12, 2006

funny enough

i dont remember how to make a link in a post.

hey, i think it did it. strange


kendalljean said...

Hey Sara,

Those are funny. And many are scarily true! I just got your postcard... thanks! And regarding your Peace Corp friends, I might want to get their info. Hope all is well for the Woody's. Talk to you later!

blaterer said...

hi! i started confessions of a shopaholic last night - sooo good!!! i'm so sad that i don't have more time to spend reading it :(. anyway, to make a link in a post, click on the the thing that looks like a paperclip on top of a globe and enter the url of the link there (it's between the text formatting button, and the alignment buttons). if you want to hide the url and just say like click "here" - write the word here, highlight it, then click on the paperclip and enter your url there. :)