Tuesday, January 31, 2006

and this just in from jays site...

Your 2005 Song Is

Don't Phunk With My Heart by the Black Eyed Peas

"I always want you with me
I'll play Bobby and you?ll play Whitney"

You were insanely in love in 2005 - and still might be!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

my weekend

had a spa party. its like a tupperware party, but you get to try/buy spa stuff (lotions, massage oils, scrubs, etc).

worked a funeral in shafter in the morning. then i went home to start some laundry and clean up for my friends courtney and bo that were coming over, only to find that my washer didnt work, and neither did my drier. so, i loaded all of the laundry up and went to a laundrymat (for the first time ever). it was actually not as bad as i had expected, i got to get it all done at once. court and bo got to the house at about 4 and we hung out until dinner. we went to a restruant called mama roomba which serves tapas. then we went to azul to chill for a bit.

i did a removal in the early morning. woody and i embalmed until 11-ish. then we went home and hung out with our guests until they left. woody had a gig at the record shop downtown (see flickr). it went really well. now im just sitting at home wishing i got more sleep.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hustle and flizow

saw an awesome movie yesterday. woody bought it at best buy because he thought it would be good, he and ed were going to rent it on saturday but there werent any left. we watched it and i am telling you, worth the money to buy it. now, for those of you that are really into movies, take that with a grain of salt (whatever that means), as this is coming from a girl that also loved mandy moore in chasing liberty . also, it is pretty ghetto (also just an opinion, as i have not lived in the ghetto), which is a major selling point of the film. so, in summary: great movie, worth the cash, hardcore ghetto, also like mandy.

i am not really sure what it is that makes me pick this pic, but i love it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


i go through spurts when it comes to buying music. mostly its because i cant afford to buy it all the time, but also its because that when i do buy some it takes me a while to get around to listening to them. i am one of those people that can listen to the same album for weeks at a time and still not be tired of it (unlike justin and dr greenthumb). so, i bought some itunes a week or two ago and have just started listening to this album called decended like vultures. it is really good. also, i got one by etta james (one of my favorite singers). its a compilation album, so most of the songs i know, but great album.

Monday, January 23, 2006

you just left the box? version 2

what a pain. my friend and i decided to trade books with each other a while ago, and we each picked out 4 books to trade. well, we sent them to each other in the mail, and i have been waiting for them (media mail takes a while). sunday when we got back from fresno there was a package in the house for me (woodys dad must have brought it in when he came to feed the cat on sat afternoon). i was so excited that my books were here, and then noticed that the box looked open. well, it was, and there were only 2 books in it. i am really disapointed, although the one i wanted to read the most was still there. so, it made me think about another friends post, that leads me to think that the world is just crappy sometimes and we are just always going to have to worry about packages getting stolen/opened for ever. lame.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

long day

today woody and i went to l.a. in order to ship human remains to el salvador.

side note: i have never personally had a chance to serve a salvadorian familybefore this one, nor has woody, and they were great. this is not to say that i am generalizing and think that all salvadorians are as wonderful as these folks, but let me just say, they sure made my job worth while. the family was HUGE and i did not meet one of them that wasnt super. great people.

anyhew, the salvadorian consulate is in l.a. and in order to ship a body out of this country there is a bit of paperwork that needs to be filed with the consulate of the recieving country (death certificates, transit permit, letter of non-contageous status of the deceased, etc) so that the airline the body goes on can actually take it. so, we got to the consulado de el salvador at around 9 this morning, and i got to practice my spanish (which went surprisingly well) and the papers got certified and all.

so everything was fine and we could take the body to lax to the cargo dept and have it shipped.

this part of the story is out of order: so, as we were leaving the consulate (where we recieved a $45 parking ticket) we see a dignity van. for those of you that arent in the funeral service industry, dignity is part of the logo used by the largest funeral service corperation in the world(aka. service corperation international, or sci for short). well, woody sees it and says, 'dignity. i hate dignity (read with a hint of sarcasm, but mostly true). so, we pull up next to it and our friend, tracy, who we went to mortuary school with is driving. she didnt see us. so, we follow her around the block where she parks to go to the phillipine (sp?) consulate. weird. so, we chat with her for a while.

then, we ate at fred 62, one of the best spots in the world for a grilled cheese with onions. that was followed by some shopping on melrose, woody went for records, i went for clothes, but didnt really find any money in my purse, so was out of luck.

then, we got back to bakos and our friend, javier, called us. his wife had a baby today (which is good, shes been preggers for a while now) and we went to see them. it is a girl, bella marie, and she was 20 inches, 7 pounds 13 ounces. i expected her to be all wrinkled and weird looking, but she was really cute and soft. im gonna get me one soon, too i think.

Monday, January 16, 2006

old macdonald had a farm...

The scientists, from National Taiwan University's Department of Animal Science and Technology, say that although the pigs glow, they are otherwise no different from any others.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

cleaning up

i just finnished taking down my christmas tree. i realize how late it is to be doing that, but i guess im just slow. it is always such a bummer when i put the christmas decorations away, i love decorating and after christmas it seems so long until the next decoratable holiday (st patricks day). so, i have now a naked, dry tree in woodys den that needs to be put outside or burned in the fireplace, and a box full of orange beads and ornaments that should be put in the attic.

on another note, we are palnning on a trip to fresno this coming weekend, so let me know what anyone has planned.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

funny enough

i dont remember how to make a link in a post.


hey, i think it did it. strange


well, tonight was my first night of yoga. i meant to start it earlier, but didnt. so, i had no idea that yoga was so hard. well, maybe i knew it was hard, especially since i am not bendy, but it was tiring. i was so surprised.
it was a nice set-up, there were mats for everyone, although i wished they were thicker durring the head stand (which i cant exactly do), and the room was quite large. there was a comment or two made about how many people were there, i would say about 20, and so i am assuming that there are usually less. the teacher was really nice and had a soothing voice. the class was 1.5 hours, and the first part we stretched and yoga-ed intermixed, then totally yoga-ed, then we stretched more and relaxed. it was hard not to fall asleep at the end.
when i was driving home i noticed that i was jittery, must be the endorphins or something. so, i really liked it, and will be back on tuesday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


today i had a family make me cry. they were having a private visitation to decide of they wanted the public to view their loved one, and came in to tell me how happy they were with the apperance of the deceased. anyhew, i dont know how much of this im allowed to discuss, but the words they said were really apreciated. i felt like i didnt know what to say, i am sure i must have said something, but it really touched me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

cute as pi

today i got a christmas present in the mail from my friend, sam, who was my roomate in college. not only is it great to get a christmas present either before or after christmas, they are totally the coolest presents ever!
1. i got a book about corpses and the different things they go through (reminds me of one of those choose your own adventure books because of all of the options covered in it) .
2. i got a yiddish phrase-a-day calendar (see pic). totally awesome! todays phrase is 'haynt iz kalt' which means, 'its cold out today'
3. I GOT THE COOLEST PI DISH! it is a dish to bake pies in and has the symbol for pi in the middle, and the number pi around the rim (see other pic).
anyhew, great gifts. i love when i get something that says 'hey, i know you really well and you will like this stuff".

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


woody and i decided we would go on a short shopping trip this evening, he said the mens wearhouse was having a sale and he wanted to look at suits for work, and i figured i could spend a few minutes in marshalls, next to the mens wearhouse. well, as it turns out, marshalls was having a huge clearance sale, up to 70 percent off! i am not much for shopping in stores, i cant stand other shoppers, nor do i like dressing rooms, so i usually shop online, from brands that i know my size in. but this evening seemed to be a slow night at the store, so i made my way over to the miles of clerance items. not that you all dont want to hear about all of what went on on my 20 minute spree, but i have come to a conclusion about sale shopping: sales are so you can buy thinks that you would NEVER buy if you didnt think you were getting a deal. this is what i came home with (there is an * next to the things that lead me to the conclusion above):
orange (cal trans, not apricot) tea-length skirt with bits of sequence $13.
salmon strappy silky tank with eggshell lace and beaded trim $3. *
green strappy tank with green trim $5.
pink silk halter top with pink chiffon, pink lace, and pink sequence trim $6. *
green and terquoise waist-long tube top $5. * (although i think it will look nice paired with a sweater)

so, thats that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

sunday dinner

well, i am so proud of myself. i made dinner from scrath last night!
we had over some friends, luis and rocio (owners of azul, our local watering hole), and dana and julie, and they had dinner with us (and dessert too, but julie made that).
here is the menu:
corned beef and cabbage, along with potatoes, carrots and onions (dana says i made it just the way he likes it, and luis and rocio had never had it before)
chicken fried steak with gravy (woody doesnt like corned beef, and i am aprehensive about others liking it, so i made some "white trash" food to accomodate)
asparagus with olive oil and salt and crushed red pepper baked in the oven until crispy
red potatoes and onions with butter, garlic and fines herbs
garlic bread
rosemary bread with tepinade spread
salad with green onions, carrots and peppercorn feta
also, some great red wine that the diaz's brought
and for those of you that are wondering what was for dessert, it was a chocolats/peanut butter brownie-like thing that everyone loved.
so, here are some pics

cooking the corned beef. those are beer bubbles around it

asparagus before it went in the oven

the tepenade (i have no idea how to spell that) i made, mostly to get rid of all of the kalamata olives i have

i used our china

our friend luis, i am trying to entice a comment out of him on my blog, but as of yet have had no such luck

julie, woody and dana just chillin after dinner

so, that was the sunday dinner. pretty good i thought. and, i look pretty cute in an apron.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

my birthday

for those of you that dont know, my birthday is february 28th and is a big deal. i will be 26. as a reminder i have added a countdown ticker at the bottom of the page. i will soon be adding wish lists to the side.