Friday, December 29, 2006

made the switch

i switched to blogger beta. not too sure why, or what it does for me, but im here. might have some questions for yall in betaland here in the near future...

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas

well, merry christmas everyone! hope you all are having a good time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

holiday baking

its that time of year again, and i am now done (mostly) with my xmas baking. every year i bake some goodies to give to our neighbors as gifts. i had planned on making these things:
1. merengues
2. baklava
3. rasberry thumbprints
4. candied lemon and orange peel
5. peanut blossoms

now, i started the other day trying the merengues, i read that they will keep for a week, so i figured that would give me a couple of days to get the other stuff done, and totally failed. the recipe calls for 3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of sugar. thats it. now, using a double boiler you warm the whites with the sugar to dissolve it. i think this was my problem, the eggs didnt just warm, they probably cooked a little. after beating the mixture for 15 minutes it formed stiff peaks (like the recipe called for) and so i piped the merengues onto a cookie sheet and baked them for 1 hour 45 minutes. well, they looked nothing like the pictures, so i didnt even taste them before throwing them out. there is a slight chance i will try them tomorrow, but its unlikely.

the baklava came out fine. i made it tonight. my dad is in town and so between him and woody there was enough help to give me enough time to do it. the recipe really only takes time, its not hard to make.

the raspberry thumbprints never got made. i plan on making them for christmas though, and sharing them with family. ive never done them before, but dont think they will be too hard.

the candied peel was made yesterday, as it has to sit overnight after all of the steps are completed. well, not all of them, i still have to take them out of the simple syrup they are in and roll them in sugar, but that isnt supposed to be done until they are ready to be eaten.

the peanut blossoms were easy. i made them the other day, and weve already eaten like half of them (i always take the kiss off the top first, it ruins the whole cookie).

also, i added another item, raspberry almond bars. it just felt too empty without the thumbprints and merengues.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

treasurer no longer

last night was the kern county funeral directors christmas meeting, and the new officers were installed. this is good because it means i am no longer the treasurer. yay! i never really minded being the treasurer, but now that i am staying home, i dont want to have that to deal with. anyhoo here are some pics:

this is the plaque i recieved. the background isnt as bright as it appears here, and you cant read my name and stuff really well in this photo, but you get the idea.

here is the bottle of wine i was given for my year of service. yummy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


now, i decided a while back that i would try to pay more attention to current events, especially politics, and have not really done so. well, i had to take georgia in to see an orthapedist (what?) and had to wait for a while in the lobby until the doctor could see her, so i watched television since it was on and i had nothing better to do. it was some sort of news show, i dont think i paid attention to what show, or even the channel, but the prime minister of england was on and he was doing some sort of press conference with our president. now, i dont want to be the type of person that talks poorly about our leaders, but i think i have been able to not do so because i havent been paying attention for so long. as i sat and listened to the president answer questions asked by the prime minister and the press, i thought to myself 'he really is an idiot. and he really does mispronounce nuclear.' i just sat there thinking about how i was so disapointed in him, and worse, i was embarassed to be under his leadership. so, thats really it, and i apologize for nit having anything nice to say, but ive been bothered all day.

Monday, December 04, 2006


well, had a nice weekend. friday night was the company christmas party. we took the kid so she could meet the staff (although a few of them had come by to see her either at the hospital or our house) and she did fine. we have a gift exchange every year and luckily woody got a gift card to macaroni grill and i got one to the elephant bar, so thats pretty cool.
saturday i went and got a christmas tree. i got a noble fir, and this year we put it in the living room instead of the den. i have it about half decorated, and plan on finishing it this week. also, ed and mike came over that evening and we watched football. it was really nice to have them over, and they ended up staying the night.
sunday my dad was santa claus at a christmas tree farm in reedley, so georgia and i drove up to have her picture taken with him. it was a great day for it, the sun was out and it wasnt too cold. then i went to fresno to stay at my folks house for the night, and i came back to bakersfield after bekah and i had lunch together. good times.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just because i can

Your Dominant Intelligence is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

You are great at finding patterns and relationships between things.
Always curious about how things work, you love to set up experiments.
You need for the world to make sense - and are good at making sense of it.
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You would make a great scientist, engineer, computer programmer, researcher, accountant, or mathematician.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

you might not even want to bother reading...

turns out that there isnt that much to write about...

woody and i are planning to come to fresno on friday if all goes well, work is pretty busy so were not too sure what time we will leave.

funny thing:
when i was a kid i didnt watch much television, but i would watch tgif all the time. turns out abcfamily channel reruns these shows like all day. i watched a few today. totally stupid shows. its almost embarassing.

super proud of myself: 4th day now in pre-pregnancy clothes. im not talking stretchy goucho pants and yoga wear, im talking jeans and such. they are a little tighter than they used to be, but not to the point of uncomfortability and all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

nothing but time on my hands

well, my parents are back in fresno now. my mom stayed until monday evening and my dad left on sunday, so i was by myself with the baby all day yesterday. it turns out that although they are a lot of work, they sleep a ton, so i have quite a bit of time on my hands to dedicate to posting. the only drawback is that i am not doing anything but watching tv and shopping online for christmas gifts, so what will i have to blog about?? its not as hard to work on posts for georgia's page since she does stuff every day that i could write about, but really, its pretty boring for readers that either dont have children or arent related to me i suppose (i doubt that before i had a baby i would have read a babys blog much). so, i will try to be interesting here, and by interesting i mean write about something other than taye diggs on regis and kelly (although you all should watch his new show, day break in support of my brother-in-law, henry, who works on the show).

Saturday, November 11, 2006


so, i started christmas shopping last month. we have a company that we use for payroll at work that let us set up a holiday fund where they automatically take a pre-set amount of each of our paychecks (the amount we pick ourselves) out each pay period and put it into a holding account for holiday spending, and then on october 15 they cut you a check for the amount you saved that year(it doesnt earn interest, but its better than having to charge a bunch of gifts). anyway, i started to buy gifts for the people on my list and have about half of my shopping done. its nice to be so far along in the process, but now the people i have left to buy for are people that i am not sure what to get them. ive never been a fan of christmas lists because i feel like if i am buying someone a gift i should know them well enough to buy something i know they would like. but, at the same time, it does make it easier, especially for the hard-to-buy-for folks, so i suppose i just have to live with it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

georgia jane

7 pounds, 10 ounces
20 inches long

on the operating table, just after birth.

woody awake with georgia.

woody asleep with georgia.

baby georgia

Sunday, November 05, 2006


woody went to see borat this afternoon and i went with him to do some christmas shopping while he was in the movie. after the show we went to applebees for a late lunch and the singer from korn was there with his family. now, we had to pass by him to get to our booth and woody recognized him right away. when we sat down he told me that jonathon davis was sitting over in a booth, to which i responded with a 'whos that?' and was told he is the singer for korn (and the band is from bakersfield, for those of you that know less about the band than i do). well, i dont think anyone else in applebees knew who he was, there wasnt a croud around him or anything, and i believe the only reason woody recognized him (really, he just liiked like any other dirty long-haired kid in ugly attire) was that when he was little (like 10 years old or so) jon worked for his grandpa at the mortuaries. woody thought he was really cool back then and i credit that for the reason he had liked korn ever since then. so, i tried to get him to go over and say hi, but he didnt, and after a while they left.

i go in to have my c-section tomorrow at 12:30. i am supposed to get to the hospital at 10 or so, i imagine to get an iv and epidural, but the actual surgery starts at 12:30. i will try to update soon, but have to be in the hospital for 48 hours at minimum. if anyone wants to come by and visit, i will be at bakersfield memorial hospital, or you could come by the house and hang out and go swimming.

Monday, October 30, 2006

what a weekend

my dad and sister, rebekah, came down to visit on saturday night and stayed until sunday. i was going to replace the light in the babys room and bought the one i wanted (i had to find one with its own on/off switch) after looking for quite a while. well, when i got it home and started taking apart the existing one, i found wires that i did not know what to do with (or actually, a lack of wires that i did know what to do with), and realized that years ago when that light had been installed that there was no box used, so another problem for me. i decided to wait and let my dad do the install, so thats why he and bek came down. we went to dinner saturday night to celebrate my dad's birthday (which is actually today) and just sort of hung out around the house that evening. sunday was the day he put in the light, along with a second light for the babys bathroom, while bek and i cleaned (a little), and woody put in a new kitchen sink faucet. it was a very productive sunday, although after woody was done he went down to the cellar for some reason and discovered that the kitchen drain leaks. so today i called a plummer, who fixed it.
also, i decided that since the baby comes in 1 week exactly i should get some stuff done that has been needed for a while now. i went to tmobile and they are sending me another phone since my razr is not working properly. also, i went to costco and stocked up on things that i dont want to run out of while im in the hospital like dog food and cat food, and also picked up some nice reversible wrapping paper for christmas gifts. i am in the process of doing laundry, which i am sure i will have to do again before i go to the hospital, but i am going to attempt to wear the same thing every day until then so it will be quite a bit less than normal (gross, i know, but im way to huge to bend down and do a ton of laundry. mostly i am trying to get the house ready for the house cleaners that are coming on friday (a nice gift from woodys parents) so that they can concentrate on the stuff i really dont want to do myself (dusting, windows, floors, and bathrooms).
so, thats what ive got going on, so if anyone wants to stop by and say hi, i will probably be here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i came home yesterday to an envelope in the mail for me, with my grannys return address. so i open it and inside are two pictures (one seen here) and no explination letter. the gal on the left is granny, and i have no idea when it was, where, who it was taken with, what its about, etc. i just thought it was interesting, as my granny must have as well, and thought i would share it with you. she is a very weird and wonderful lady, so i hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

a few of these...

You Are A Pine Tree

You love agreeable company, peace, and harmony.
Compassionate and friendly, you love to help others.
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You are very soft on the inside - needing affection and reassurance.
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Orange County

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Just make sure to marry rich - so you don't have to work for it!

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You are perfect to rule Jupiter, because you are both dominant and kind.
You have great strength and confidence, but you never abuse your power.

You are always right. Even if you make mistakes, you compensate for them... before anyone knows it.
Headstrong and ambitious, you always have a goal in mind. You are optimistic and believe thing things will always work out.

Friday, October 20, 2006


first, who are these idiots on the treadmills and why do they get to bore me at the mtv music awards? what a waste of time (and really, i dont care who they are).
second, i have 17 days of pregnancy left (as long as i dont go into labor early) and i am super tired of the whole thing. i have been (mostly) off work all this week, woody decided that i was no longer needed, so i have been cleaning the house. now, when i say cleaning i dont mean dusting and vacuuming (although i have done some of that) i am talking about cleaning out the house. i have tons of stuff to go to goodwill and am only about half done. its nice to have the time to do it all though, even if it gets a bit boring. my back is starting to really hurt though, i get these shooting pains near my tailbone, and for the bast 2 days i have had a really bad headache.

Friday, October 13, 2006

sick at work

so, im at work today, which sucks because i am super sick, but is good because when i stayed home most of yesterday i just ended up doing stuff around the house (it never seems to get clean...) and not resting. woody is home in bed, i checked on him after my doctor's appointment this morning (i am scheduled to have a c-section on november 6 (24 days from today)) and he is pretty high on those pain pills. you should all call him. also, its been raining and thunder/lightening-ing all morning (it woke me up at about 2 this morning), so im even more groggy than i would normally be. i am hoping to go home around 2 today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

woodys wisdom teeth

well, woody got his wisdom teeth out today. he went in at 11am and by 1145 the nurse came out and told me that he did really well (what that means, i am not too sure, i would think that it was the doctor that did well, but anyhoo) and after about 15 more minutes to let him wake up they had me go to a little room to instruct me on what to do for the rest of the day with him. hes really high, not sure what they gave him in the operating room, but it was a very funny ride home. also, they gave him percocet, which i guess is pretty strong, and now he is sleeping. hes kind of swollen and cant talk well, either. very funny.
as for me, i have an awful sinus infection. i feel gross, but restless at the same time, which sucks. thats about it. if we are feeling better this weekend, we might take a ride up to fresno on saturday after work, as i hear the jay is going to be there. or is that a rumor? and what about becky?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

family for dinner

on wednesday i got a call from my uncle skip, who lives with my aunt sharon in anderson, ca (near redding). they were going to be staying in bakersfield thursday night on their way to victorville and wanted to take woody and me out for dinner thursday. uncle skip hosts our annual family st patricks day celebration (that i havent been to in a few years) up ar their house, and other than that holiday and thanksgiving we dont see them too much. so, they came over thursday night and we went to a great basque resturant. it was good to get to spend time with them, and uncle skip had a picture of his daughter, my cousin, catherine (actually i am not sure if i have spelled her name correctly) whom i have not seen a picutre of for years. also, big news: skip shaved his moustache. i have never seen him before without one (in the pic of him on his link he is the hairy one on the left, but hasnt always had a beard). so, good times.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

records, friends, and my car

well, ed was wondering where all of woodys music stuff went since the babys room is now where the turn tables were. we have had the tables in our bedroom, wondering what to do with them, and random other music things (extra speakers, records, etc) in the dining room out of my way (but looking really awful), until last week when woody decided that the turn tables would be best in the den. here is a pic of the first stage of the project, with a nice new table from ikea (has great adjustable legs so the height is perfect):

we will be putting the computer in here as well, but hadnt figured out what sort of small desk we want for it yet at ikea, so well have to get that done next. also, we need storage underneath the tables so that the records can live there. overall its looking good, and my dining room should be cleared out this week. yay!

in other news, my friends dustin and jaydene came down from alameda to fresno this past weekend and we got to hang out for a couple of days. it was nice to see them, as the last time we did was at their wedding in canada like a year and a half ago. nice folks, see link to the left.

and finally, i got my car fixed. i have only had my jetta for 2 years now, and a long time ago i recieved a paper in the mail letting me know that there was a recall on the rear doors, they werent working properly or something, and i disregarded it because my car wasnt having any trouble. well, just a short time later the passenger rear door wouldnt open, and i have been too lazy to take the car in until monday, knowing that i had to get it done before the kid gets here or it will stay broken forever. so, i took it in yesterday morning and they called me in the afternoon to let me know that it was done but that there was a secondary something leak of the water-holding-ball-thing (their exact words even) and that the part wouldnt be there until tomorrow. so, its now done, and under warranty, so i get to have it back tonight. yay!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

our neighbors

last month (or sometime around there) we got a note in the mailbox from our across-the-street neighbors. they have 3 kids (all under the age of 5) and the note went on about how nice it was that i am pregnant (which they did not know until she saw how huge i was one day, as we havent ever really talked with them much). so, finally, last night i went over to their house to say thanks for the note, and i ended up chatting with them for a while. their house has close to the same layout of ours, with some added square footage, and the wife, milena, showed me around. so, it was a nice chat and im glad i had a chance to go over there, she has a lot of the same parenting views that woody and i have, and we talked about that for a while. the only thing that sucked was that after a while i started to get really hot, and having had really low blood pressure my whole life, i could feel a black-out coming on. i asked for some water, and luckily i didnt actually pass out, but i had to sit down and for a while couldnt see anything. they did go across the street to get woody, and i was okay after a bit (although still hot for another hour or so), but i am totally embarassed. how lame, right? hi, im your neighbor, mind if i pass out in your kitchen? thanks.

evil conservative

this morning woody and i had a breakfast meeting with the owner of a limo company that we use for funerals when a family wants a limo or two for their service at 7:30. we were on our way to the cafe when i saw a funny thing. there was an suv of some sort that had a large sticker on the back window that read 'evil conservative'. now, i dont know what that means, but it was just funny. what is the deal with these rediculous stickers on cars?? there is a car that is always parked by our bakersfield mortuary that has huge stickers that read 'it must suck to be you' along with a picture of a hand flipping off the reader of the sticker. classy. i mean, these letters are at least 8 inches tall. who does that?
anyhoo, my pics didnt come out too well, but i'll let you all see them anyway. theyre of the evil conservative car.

its the suv seen here, and like i said, poor pic quality, but whatever.

in this one you can at least see where the words are in relation to te rest of the back window. trust me, they really read 'evil conservative'.

and finally, the driver.

Monday, September 25, 2006

new link

i have added a link for my friends, dustin and jaydene, who have recently moved to the united states. i met dustin in 1997 and we have been friends since then, some of you might have met him at my wedding, and he has lived in british columbia his whole life (i believe). he and his wife have moved down here, to alameda (near oakland), so that he can go to a chiropractor school near there. anyhoo, thats the new link.

also, going to be in fresno for the weekend, having a baby shower that you all should have recieved an invite to (well, not boys). no plans other than that, and woody will be with me, so we should be free to hang out as long as im not too tired (my sleep schedule has become a real pain).

in other news, as i am sure you heard from either dana or some other source, jenny and phil have had a baby. woody and i are hoping to go see him sometime this week, and if they let me i will take a couple of pics of him and post them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

cant remember

okay, now i cant remember how to make a link. you will notice that my sidebar has spots for links and such, i remembered how to find the headings (on this template the pretty headings are gif pictures, not a font (does that make sense?)), but i cant remember how to make a link. it is one of the templates that didnt have a links section built in, and ive already messed up the 'powered by' section at the bottom of the sidebar, so im a bit apprehensive about it. also, the last time i did it there was a little dot before each link, and i really liked that. help!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

it was my last resort

i had to change my blog. i am going to change it back, but for now this is what you get. im so disappointed, the blogger folks couldnt help me. my template seemed fine, i guess. so i had to change the whole thing. bummer.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

project runway

i have been watching project runway reruns all weekend, between chores. i am so addicted. i had never seen it before, and now i cant wait to see it. i think the season is still going on, and that i havent missed out on the whole thing. how many seasons have there been so far???

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

target and the dog

i went to target tonight. i had to get some stuff for work: hair spray, disposable razors, tweezers, etc., and decided to get it all at target. i am always delighted at the cleanliness of the store. there is more than one target in bakersfield, and i have not been to one yet that is yucky. and they stay nice even now when they are re-vamping some of the sections of the store. its just always a pleasant experience. and you know what else? they have workers in the parking lot all the time to get carts. its wonderful being able to park close to the store because there arent an obscene amount of carts in the way.

and, i have a great dog. she is the best dog ever.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is what i have been up to:

had jenny and phil over for dinner last night along with some friends of theirs (and i suppose now they are friends of ours), amanda and chris. good time. i made a couple of new recipies, an avocado salad with lime-soaked red onions and a lime-cilantro dressing, and cheesecake (which i thought would not turn out nearly as well as it did).

i made a website for the baby. i will post baby-related things there so that those of you that dont care about diapers and paint on the wall dont have to read about it, and so that family members that dont care about anything but the baby wont have to bother with this site. hopefully it wont be too boring.

woody and i are planning a trip up to fresno this weekend. we supposedly have monday off as well, although we wont know until sunday if that is really the case, so maybe we will be at eds church sunday evening. are there any plans for the weekend? anyone going to be around?

other than that, weve just been lazy. im hitting a point where i seem to be really tired at odd points in the day. just this morning woody let me sleep until 9 and i was so tired that i couldnt figure out where i was or what was going on when i woke up. such is pregnancy though, i guess.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i dont know if this will work

here is the video of the baby if it works. she is opening her hand and then closing it. its only 4 seconds long, but is pretty neat. i think there are a couple of other videos that we got, but i havent looked all through them yet. if it doesnt work, someone is going to have to help me out with either youtube or embedding a video in a post.

the baby in 3d

this is what the baby looks like.

in this one her arm is in front of her mouth. it was really hard for us to first see her in all of these, but now i can right away, so i forget how hard it is to tell what it is youre looking at.

this is another one of her face. we also got a video clip that i would like to load, but am really tired and dont want to try to figure out how to do that today, so, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

i <3 ebay

i think i am addicted. i have been going on ebay for quite some time now, probably since 2002 or so. every now and then there is something i want that i find on ebay for a good price. its been good for out of print books, and also my everyday dishes that were my grnadparents that arent made any longer. so, i have purchased enough to think ebay is a good thing, and have been in the habit of checking it every so often for various things. well, i have gone overboard. now i check it all the time, mostly for baby stuff. there is so much out there that i didnt even know existed. i think my next purchase is going to be a diaper sprayer, this nifty thing that is helpful for parents planning on using cloth diapers. you all should look it up, very handy.

also, i know i havent updated in a bit. woody and i (well, woody mostly) have been working on the website for work fairly hard and are hoping to have it up this week. when it is ill post it so you can test it out for us and look for spelling mistakes and such.

i am thinking about getting a baby blog as well. i am sure i will still post a thing or two here about her, but i think it would be best if there was a seperate one that was baby only, so as not to bore or lose those of you that arent as interested as say, my family. i will, however, post some of the 3d pics we had done today at the doctors office. weird stuff, those 3d pics.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

maternity leave

well, i have spent a bit of time this morning trying to figure out maternity leave. we have a company that does our payroll for us, and they are the ones i call whenever i have a question about paid time off or medical coverage, things like that. so, i called them to see if they knew about maternity leave. well, i was connected with the paid time off guy (we dont have vacation/sick time, its lumped into paid time off) who said i could have all of my accrued pto for maternity leave, which is nice, but i plan on taking off more that my 2 weeks i have left for the year. but then he said that he doesnt deal really with maternity leave and that he would transfer me to heather, a lady that knows californias maternity leave laws (as it turns out, california is a pretty good place to live in terms of maternity money). so, heather explained tons of stuff to me, and told me how to file for disability (its strange that it is disability) when the doctor tells me not to work anymore (sometime before the birth). i had no idea i would be able to get this money. i thought it was just there for goverment workers or something, but, as it turns out, i have been paying for it forever, and now i get my money back i guess. she gave me a website that even showed me how much i get each week ( its about 60% of what i would get paid if i were working). and then, if that werent enough, i can get 'paid family leave', this new program in california, that allows for 6 additional weeks of paid leave to 'bond with a new minor child' (it also applies in the case of adoption). so, thats all pretty neat. free money.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

some more pics

woody swimming with the fishes.

okay, it wont let me load more right now for some reason. ill try later.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

vacation pics

well, we are back from the bahamas. we had a nice time, but are glad to be home. we did a lot of nothing while we were there. slept, ate, swam. we also went to a comedy show that was pretty good, went snorkeling, and saw a couple of movies. the resort we were at had an aquarium that was neat too, and the pics i have are from there. i am also posting more to my flickr account, but was not very good about taking pics throughout the trip, so, its mostly just fish.
we flew into la on thursday night and roxanne, woodys sister, picked us up on her new 2004 cadillac. i cant remember what kind it is, but its a nice ride. we stayed at roxy and henrys house that night and had breakfast with roxy friday morning before heading back to bakersfield. it was nice to get to spend some time down there.
then friday night we went to see talladega nights with jenny and phil and another couple. funny movie, although i think elf is still my favorite will ferrell movie (im a sucker for christmas i guess).
anyhoo, here are some pics:
there were lots of this fish. it is about a foot long.

jellyfish. woodys favorite of all the marine life. there were more kinds of them, but this one came out the best.

clown fish. very pretty.

sea horse. about 3 inches long.

so, we are thinking about getting an aquarium.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

in the bahamas

well, were here now, and its really nice despite tropical depression chris. today it was overcast for a while in the afternoon, and i think it even sprinkled a little, but yesterday the weather was sunny and hot. we went to the beach even for a while and swam in the ocean with some fish. i am using the internet on the tv right now, but am going to try to get my laptop hooked up so that i can oad some pics. we have sea turtles just outside the balcony of the room. so, there's a short update!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


well, woody and i are flying out to the bahamas early thursday morning. we are hopefully driving down to la tomorrow and going to have dinner with our old boss, gerran, from the mortuary we lived in and worked at during mortuary school. nice folks, and we havent seen them in a long time, so i hope that works out. we will be staying at the atlantis hotel and casino (the largest casino in the bahamas). i hear it is on the water's edge, so hopefully ill get to do some swimming in the ocean (thats okay for pregnant people, right?).

anyhoo, im going to be taking my laptop, but am not too sure about internet access there, so if i can ill post pics of the trip, if not youll get them on friday when were back.

here is an update of the babys wall. i still have 2 or 3 coats of the light pink to do, and have not yet started on the darkest green. i keep forgetting my camera at work, but when im done ill take a few shots that are clear, and maybe a few close up.

Friday, July 28, 2006

yay its friday!

well, actually, i have to work this weekend, but im excited its friday anyway.

yesterday the rod for the curtains in the babys room were delivered, so i got to work on that. see, i really like to do stuff around the house, like putting up curtains, painting walls, putting things together, etc., and woody really doesnt. it works out well though, because hes not much of a 'read directions' kind of guy, so things he attempts usually dont come together all that quickly (really there is only one thing i remember him attempting to put together and that was the barbeque, which i ended up finishing). and, to be honest, power tools just dont interest him, so drilling holes in walls and such is just not on his list of things to do, whereas i love that sort of thing. could do it all day. this works out well for us: he doesnt get in my way, and i can do things i want to do, like hanging curtains.
so, that is what i did last night. first i did another coat of paint on the wall (i am now using one of the greens, working on the stems), and then i set to work on the rod. it took about 20 minutes, and then i had to iron all of those silly pannels. after hanging them i decided they looked great. they are a bit long, which i like, and the bows dont look too silly (i was a little worried about them being way too obnoxious, but the curtains needed something as they were so plain) so i think they will stay. with the curtains shut a little light gets through (my mom says that it should let some light through so that the baby gets used to sleeping in the daytime), and with them open they just look nice (see pics). woody really likes the bamboo (or whatever they are) shades on the window, so were leaving them.
i also hung a sheer white curtain on the bathroom door to match the others i posted the other day.
now im disapointed that i have no other reason to use my drill...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


here are some pics of the babys room so far, i did a lot of work on it today:

this is a curtain. there is a large window in the babys room, and this is one of the pannels that will cover it. its hard to tell here, but they are a sage-ish green, they match the lightest color of green paint that is going on the wall. tonight i added the white satin bows at the top. i have only done half of the bows so far though. the finials (those decorative things that go on the end of a curtain rod) that i ordered came in the mail today as well, but the rod itself has not arrived yet. it was pretty hard finding a rod long enough, the window is 10 feet wide and most curtain rods only go to 8 feet, but i found some online. as soon as it gets here and i put it up i will show you all how the curtains are more curtains i put up today. these doors go from the babys room to the dining room. i am going to use the same type of curtain for the bathroom door as well.

finally, this is the begining of the painting that will be above the crib. these are the beginings of flowers. they still need another coat or two, but are coming alone more quickly than i anticipated.

Monday, July 24, 2006

santa barbara and smoke

well, i had a nice weekend in santa barbara. i went to see my friend carrie, from high school (and some of you might remember her from my wedding, she was a bridesmaid) and we hung out with some of her friends. anyhoo, nice time, relaxing.

on my way back, i took a couple of pics of the sunset, it looked so pretty. i was on the 5 freeway, somewhere south of frazier park but north of the 126.

then, i noticed smoke up ahead. here are two more pics, these of a fire. it was just about at the frazier park exit and to the west. lots of smoke.

Friday, July 21, 2006

baby counter

if anyone wants to know when the baby is due, i put a counter at the bottom of my page.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

just for fun

im tired of arguing, girl

well, i have become a very lazy music buyer. if i cant find something on itunes, i dont buy it. this hasnt really been a problem for me, except for one thing: aaliyah is not on itunes. now, i am a big fan of hers, and i have been wanting some more of her music for quite a while now, but am not motivated enough to really look for it. i checked at target, no luck, and at bestbuy (next door to target), also no luck. thats about as hard as i tried. see, i have never liked cds. i hate the cases they come in and all. i dont even keep the paper folded thing with all the pictures on it. too much space is taken up. just a waste of my time, really. who looks at those things after the initial purchase anyway? not me.
so, i was not motivated. but then, the other week on entourage, there was a song that woody really liked, and after some research, i found the song, and the album. well, they were not offered on itunes, so woody asked if i could find them on amazon, which i could. this gave me a perfect oppurtunity to get aaliyahs album, ultimate aaliyah (seen here).

it came in yesterday, along with the two cds woody wanted, and boy is it good. i love it. i cant wait to put it on my ipod and throw away the case.

in other news, i have registered for baby stuff. if you would like to check out what i want for little baby woody, take a gander. i might put a link to it on my sidebar, especially since i have nothing to do at work today, but who knows. this is the registry at target. this is the site for little dreamer, a store in fresno (next to nordstrom rack) that i registered at, but they dont have it avaliable online. cute shop though.

also, my aunt joanne came down to fresno on saturday, and i came up, and she gave me some presents for the baby. now, she never had a baby girl, so she went a little nuts buying this little one clothing. she did very well, though, everything is adorable. she even bought her an orange sun hat. i took a pic of the closet organizer i bought at target the other day and assembled (although between these two guys, i dont know if i want to show the cheap quality of the piece) in order to have somewhere to put the babys clothes. i have a dresser that my parents gave me, but its 1/2 inch too wide for the closet. i can get it in, but the drawers dont open. so, i needed something, and this thing worked. i might even go get another one, if i need more space (notice the two cloth drawers at the bottom, pink). the closet goes on to the right quite a bit, so there is a lot more room than it looks like to hang dresses in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

just rambling

what miserable weather. dont get me wrong, i love the heat, but it is just nasty outside. i hate overcastness.

i think i might be going to santa barbara this weekend to visit my friend, carrie, but am not sure yet. woody wants to go up to berkeley to hang with his buddy, russell, and i havent been to see my girl in quite some time.

also, my granny now has email. this is pretty exciting.

my dad has been updating his blog regularly, and i talked to him today about it. i told him he should get a sitemeter, and he did (this past weekend i think). just now on the phone he told me that he already had 6 visitors and that one was from tulsa (or somewheres like that) and was really excited. so, thats pretty cool. my uncle skip (my moms brother who reads my blog) has even made a comment on dads, as well as my uncle doug (my dads brother, who i dont think has ever been to mine). so, my dad is getting into this whole thing.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


well, richard feynman was an answer on jeopardy tonight. pretty exciting. he was the $1000 answer in the 'f'riends of science catergory. nobody got it (well, i did, but i was doing very well tonight).

in other news, i think my daughter might have a name, but well see. ill let you all know as soon as i know for sure. this ones a good one.

and ive been meaning to post a blurb about a cd i bought and have loved. its called 'how to save a life' and is by a band called the fray. they sound a lot like coldplay, but i like coldplay, so its not a problem. really a good listen.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my dad

well, he has had a link for a while, and hasnt posted since december, but my dad has put up a new post. i am hoping that this plug will get him to post more often, as he is a very interesting grandpa-to-be, and his best girl thinks he might have quite a bit to share with the rest of us. so, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

spending money

i went to the home depot tonight and picked the paint for the baby's room. i am going with frogs and lily pads, and this is a pic of the paint colors i chose:

i will be using all but the second darkest green, and two of the pinks. i think they will look good together.

i also went to kinkos to copy the frog drawing onto transparancy so that i can project the pics onto the wall and not have to free-hand them (which i doubt would turn out well), although i am not sure where i am going to find an overhead projector. my mom always used one from my dads school (she used to paint a lot of murals in rooms) that he would bring home, but im a bit too far for that. so if you all have any ideas, let me know.

then i went to barnes and noble to get a birthday present for my cousin, nate, whos birthday is thursday. i realize the gifts will be late, but i think hell be okay with it.

i bought 2 books for myself, pictured here:

they were both bargain books, and are really nice. ill be looking through them this evening.

thats about it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

weekend at the woodys

so, when are people getting here?

i am planning a great weekend of painting the babys room and putting furniture together for the boys, and some knitting and sewing for the girls.

just kidding, the baby is going to paint her own room.

well, im not too sure what time the soccer games are on, but any and all of them can be watched at our house. and we are planning a poker tourney, ed says $20 buy in. ive been practicing though, so watch out, and woody has been too, although hes never really been that good (but he did win $600 last night, which is pretty impressive. ask him about the guy that he 'cracked'. he so proud, its hillarious).

also, i will have a lot of veggies for cooking on the grill, i know eleanore doesnt dig on cow, and i am not much into food with faces (well, unless were talking about bacon, its just too tasty), but you all can let me know what i might want to get at the store that is yummy. ill see what i can do.

and bring a bathing suit or two. its gonna be hot, and you all could use a tan.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

fresno fuego v bakersfield brigade

fresno wore white
bakersfield wore red
nick wore black
the other keeper wore blue

fresno scored twice in the forst half, the first one was by #12, the second by #5.
fresno won 2-0.

nick was fouled but it wasnt called (at least, it seemed like it. he went to catch the ball and was up in the air and a bakersfield player got under him somehow. it was strange, but i would have called a foul.)

here are the pics:

nick warming up. random pic of the game, near the beginning.
nick getting ready to kick the ball.
nick kicking the ball (notice its in the air).
nick getting ready to catch the ball. by this point the folks behind me knew that i knew nick, all of whom were very impressed by his performance. also, he now has a fan-club of five-year-olds, who think his kicks are 'awesome'.

final score.

and, there were fireworks afterwards!

Friday, June 30, 2006

the babys room

these are what i am going to use to create the babys room. i havent yet picked exactly what i want, and am going to change the pattern a bit, but you get the idea. i will start working on the design in the next week i suppose, and i welcome input from anyone, especially those that have done this sort of thing before. i figure it will take a while to do the painting, but i also think it will be worth it. then i can start picking everything else, like curtains.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

the office

i love this guy. not only is he a total babe, hes the least akward one on the show. i have not been a big fan of the show, but i was watching it tonight (i am guessing it must be a rerun) and it wasnt so bad.