Friday, December 30, 2005

what have i gotten myself into?

well, i started the stripping today, and for those of you that have seen my house, i began in the dining room to the right of the window that we leave open for the cat. i will be putting the pics on flickr and updating them there, but here is the beginning, i am hoping that someone (adam?, justin?, dad?) will be able to tell me what kind of wood they think it is, the grain patterns are really skinny.

this is the beginning, i am using a spray-on stripper and it seems to be working. i leave it on for 15 min and then scrape it off with a plastic putty knife. this was my second attempt on this test area, there are a lot more coats than i anticipated. the wood across the top doesnt match. my guess is that a previous owner removed the picture ledge in parts of the room, for who knows what reason, and replaced it with this other wood, probably pine and then painted it. i will have to get a close up of it sometime, and am not really sure what this means for my effort at restoring the wood here.

here is a not so good pic of what it looks like after 3 coats of the stripping compound (which, as i might add, burns when it gets on my skin. i should have bought gloves but didnt think about it and am fairly sure that the ones i have here would melt on contact with the stripper).
the pale strip looks to be an unstained (sanded?) part of the same wood (the grain seems to match). to the right of it is a piece of wood that comes out from the pannel (i dont know how to say that...) in this pic it looks almost to be on the same plane.

this is a close up of the grain...what is the wood?
it is hard to tell how small the grain is, but in the previous pic you cant see it much at all.


so, i am impressed with how pretty it is, and now am not really sure what to do...i sort of wish it had looked awful so that i would be able to forget it and paint over it or something, but it really is beautiful and is going to be a huge task.


Adam said...

It looks like Douglas Fir to me. If the grain was less obscured I might be more sure. That grain pattern could very well be oak, but it would be plane cut or rotory cut rather than quartersawn.

timidvenus said...

i would love to say something like "me too, i thought that same thing too", but i cannot.
in talking to my dad last night he suggested that it might be sugar pine, but was too unsure to post it (he doesnt want to sound like he doesnt know what he is talking about, understandably). he says that because of the time period of the house, and the abundance of sugar pine trees in the areas surrounding us back then, that he remembers grandpa (his dad) talking about it being a very popular choice. but then he said "i dont know much about the different grains, you would probably have better luck talking to adam". so, thanks adam!

dana said...

looks like a lot of hard work. Is the paint old lead-based paint? If so, have you thought about the ramifications/health precautions of removing large amounts of the stuff? Also, hows your cute little dog doing around all these chemicals?

timidvenus said...

DANA!!! (you should feel lucky, you got capital letters, which you might notice, i never use)

i am quite certian there is some lead paint in there, as it turns out there seem to be about 5 layers or so of paint, and who knows when they were done. i havent really done any research on what that might do to me, the main problem i am having is the fumes from the stripping compound. it made me a little sick yesterday, so i have devised a plan to help air out the room, but i keep thinking about the hood in organic chemistry class and thinking that one of those would be super useful.

and dana, if you feel like stripping too, ill teach you all i know, just come by.

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