Thursday, December 15, 2005


some of you already know this, but i had a strange happening at the post office last week, and i keep thinking about it.
this is what happened:
i went to the post office in 93305 (old town kern). i asked for a sheet of hanukkah stamps because i needed a few, and figured it was okay to use them on some of my christmas cards, too. well, the gal at the counter tells me that they dont have any hanukkah stamps and pulls out some christmas ones. i dont remember what she said, but it was to the effect that the christmas stamps were interchangable with hanukkah stamps.
well, it bothered me, and i am still bothered.
she truly acted like she had no idea that they were different.
i cant believe it.

so, i hope you like navy veterans stamps.


Adam said...

Navy veterans! I'm so righteously indignant right now. How could you offend someone like that? I want Army veterans stamps. I'm writing a letter to someone important about this.

edluv said...

as a practicioner of nonviolence, i would have rather had anything but navy stamps. but, you bought them, not me.

timidvenus said...

i have taken both of your christmas cards out of the mail..
so much for gratitude.

edluv said...

i'll just look at the pictures i took of you and richard when we visited during warmer times.

whatchu got now?

timidvenus said...

man, i knew you would be that way.

so im sending it anyway.

whachu got now??

blaterer said...

your comment actually did brighten my day a little - so thanks :). oh, and i hope you aren't still letting that ignorant chick at the post office ruin your day!

edluv said...

boo ya. i got your card. now i'm looking at it.

i threw away the envelope.

edluv said...

i woody spinning this week or next week?

timidvenus said...

he usually spins on every thursday night, but the bar had a problem 2 weeks ago and he didnt play then, so i guess im not too sure.