Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas lights

i seem to be addicted to pictures.
every year at christmastime woodys grandparents have a 'grandkids' night where we go out to dinner with them and go look at christmas lights somewhere in town. this year we went to a show called CALM. it was like a zoo that you walked all around with lighted animals all around. it was cool, its fun to hang out with 'rickys' cousins, they are all ages 13-19 so its amusing, and nice to spend time with grandparents.
well these are some pics that i took while we were there. the last pic is of a huge tree down the street from us. i am pretty sure it is a chinese elm, and it is bigger than any other chinese elm i have seen. they have two in their front yard, and they have been very well groomed over the years (groomed??). also, they have ENORMOUS windchimes hanging in them, probably five in each, and they must have been specially made, they really are huge.


blaterer said...

Those photos are gorgeous!!!!! I'm not trying to take anything away from NYC and it's unique beauty, but I have never seen anything like that here.

timidvenus said...

really, it was kind of hokey, but things that light up and/or sparkle always grab my attention. the tree down the street though is amazing, i wish i had a better pic of it. i watched the guys decorating it for a while and i bet it took a good 6 hours.
one of the two times i have been in new york it was just after christmas, maybe the 26th or 27th. it was sooooooooo cold! i always appreciate not living where it snows after i visit somewhere that it does (it was 73 degrees here today). it was a nice trip though, i saw bleeker street (i had to find the street because it is the name of a really great song by simon and garfunkel), ate in greenwich village (is that spelled right?), had coffee at dean and deluca (and bought a mug), went to the met, and not only did i get there by train, but i also got to ride in a taxi (there are none where i live)!