Monday, December 26, 2005

but that looks nothing like me...

i was reading another blog that mentioned this face recognition website and it looked interesting. it seems to be a site that you upload a picture of yourself (or someone else (i really wanted to try it out on adams pic from the pub golf evening that i took with my phone, and still might)) and it runs a face recognition on it and comes up with different celebrities that you somehow resemble. now, i dont know what the gal looks like whos blog i read that originally peaked my interest, but the famous people she listed to be her matches looked nothing like each other.
so, i went to this face recognition site and used three pics. my results were hilarious (results of each photo are underneath the picture used).
(i realize this pic doesnt look a lot like me)
1. paula radcliffe
2. sharon stone
3. angelina jolie (what??)
4. johnny depp (now thats more like it)
5. ian thorpe
6. george clooney
7. carrie-anne moss
8. grace kelly
9. kirsten dunst
10. desmond llewelyn

1. oliver stone
2. ian thorpe (again...maybe my self conciousness about my nose is, in fact, valid)
3. hilary duff
4. wim wenders (who?)
5. richard dreyfuss
6. john lennon
7. buckminster fuller
8. jennifer connelly
9. ennio morricone
10. madhuri dixit

1. cate blanchett
2. shannen doherty
3. christina ricci
4. lucy liu
5. sarah michelle gellar
6. jennifer connelly (again)
7. beyonce knowles (proving that this actually does work)
8. dalida
9. elisha cuthbert
10. halle berry

1. george w bush
2. ruud van nistlerooy
3. thomas hardy
4. john kerry
5. amitabh bachchan
6. bob marley
7. johnny carson
8. cat stevens
9. warren g harding
10. edward said

so, i hope it at least made you laugh. i think i will run adams face tomorrow.


blaterer said...

hilarious! :)

edluv said...

so, woody looks like:
bush & kerry? wha? and bob marley? do they only have like 12 guys in their database?

Rebecca said... I am the one who needed a pick me up! BEYONCE? Exact match!