Monday, December 12, 2005


well, today i started a class to help me pass an insurance licensing test. instead of going to work and directing funerals this week, i am learning. see, i really enjoy learning new things, and liked school fairly well. this is not the case here.
why i am doing this:
there are people who want to pay for their funeral before they die. it is a good idea for a lot of reasons, but the one i like is that it freezes the cost of a funeral. since funeral costs double every 10 years, this is a large benefit, and when it is added to the benefit of not burdening ones family with decisions that are hard to make, especially while grieving, it shows why it is so popular to pre-arrange (i know that i sound sales-y).
so, when these people come in to the funeral home to pre-arrange, the home is not allowed to put the money they give us into our own bank account. this is where the insurance comes in. we put their money in an insurance account (or sometimes a trust) and keep it on file until they die. in order to do this i need an insurance license. so that is what i am doing.
now, i am assuming that all of that was really boring to read. good. it makes me feel better, as i am so bored in this class that i would like to know that i am not the only one bored by it (besides the other folks in the class that i don’t know). me, send me a text message, anything you can think of…i need something to do for the next week.