Tuesday, December 20, 2005

and shes even domestic

well, for christmas i usually make some desserts for my neighbors and this year is no different. except that this year all i made was the baklava (see pic) and rebekah, my sister, made everything else.

the church my family goes to has auctions (of people) to raise money and last sunday i bought rebekah so that she would come and bake for me. she came down this sunday and left this morning, making peanut butter blossoms, coffee cake, and a concoction called rocky road.

it was all wonderful, say the neighbors, and tomorrow i will bring the rest to work.

and here is a pic of bekah, we were at lunch in this one.


The Jay said...

Hooray for phillo!

blaterer said...

i'm so impressed you can make baklava!!! LOVE BAKLAVA!

timidvenus said...

not only can i make it pretty well, i am great at eating it.