Friday, December 30, 2005

what have i gotten myself into?

well, i started the stripping today, and for those of you that have seen my house, i began in the dining room to the right of the window that we leave open for the cat. i will be putting the pics on flickr and updating them there, but here is the beginning, i am hoping that someone (adam?, justin?, dad?) will be able to tell me what kind of wood they think it is, the grain patterns are really skinny.

this is the beginning, i am using a spray-on stripper and it seems to be working. i leave it on for 15 min and then scrape it off with a plastic putty knife. this was my second attempt on this test area, there are a lot more coats than i anticipated. the wood across the top doesnt match. my guess is that a previous owner removed the picture ledge in parts of the room, for who knows what reason, and replaced it with this other wood, probably pine and then painted it. i will have to get a close up of it sometime, and am not really sure what this means for my effort at restoring the wood here.

here is a not so good pic of what it looks like after 3 coats of the stripping compound (which, as i might add, burns when it gets on my skin. i should have bought gloves but didnt think about it and am fairly sure that the ones i have here would melt on contact with the stripper).
the pale strip looks to be an unstained (sanded?) part of the same wood (the grain seems to match). to the right of it is a piece of wood that comes out from the pannel (i dont know how to say that...) in this pic it looks almost to be on the same plane.

this is a close up of the grain...what is the wood?
it is hard to tell how small the grain is, but in the previous pic you cant see it much at all.


so, i am impressed with how pretty it is, and now am not really sure what to do...i sort of wish it had looked awful so that i would be able to forget it and paint over it or something, but it really is beautiful and is going to be a huge task.

my flickr account

i now have a flickr account. there is a link to it on the sidebar.

Monday, December 26, 2005

but that looks nothing like me...

i was reading another blog that mentioned this face recognition website and it looked interesting. it seems to be a site that you upload a picture of yourself (or someone else (i really wanted to try it out on adams pic from the pub golf evening that i took with my phone, and still might)) and it runs a face recognition on it and comes up with different celebrities that you somehow resemble. now, i dont know what the gal looks like whos blog i read that originally peaked my interest, but the famous people she listed to be her matches looked nothing like each other.
so, i went to this face recognition site and used three pics. my results were hilarious (results of each photo are underneath the picture used).
(i realize this pic doesnt look a lot like me)
1. paula radcliffe
2. sharon stone
3. angelina jolie (what??)
4. johnny depp (now thats more like it)
5. ian thorpe
6. george clooney
7. carrie-anne moss
8. grace kelly
9. kirsten dunst
10. desmond llewelyn

1. oliver stone
2. ian thorpe (again...maybe my self conciousness about my nose is, in fact, valid)
3. hilary duff
4. wim wenders (who?)
5. richard dreyfuss
6. john lennon
7. buckminster fuller
8. jennifer connelly
9. ennio morricone
10. madhuri dixit

1. cate blanchett
2. shannen doherty
3. christina ricci
4. lucy liu
5. sarah michelle gellar
6. jennifer connelly (again)
7. beyonce knowles (proving that this actually does work)
8. dalida
9. elisha cuthbert
10. halle berry

1. george w bush
2. ruud van nistlerooy
3. thomas hardy
4. john kerry
5. amitabh bachchan
6. bob marley
7. johnny carson
8. cat stevens
9. warren g harding
10. edward said

so, i hope it at least made you laugh. i think i will run adams face tomorrow.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

what is this??

here are two pictures of some sort of fungus i found growing in our front yard on christmas eve. if anyone knows what they are, please let me know. the larger one is about 6 inches long and 1 inch thick. i have not found any more of them around the yard. also, the 'head' part is dark brown and looks like it would be wet and sticky if i were brave enough to touch it. i think they might be really smelly too, or there is something rotting in the yard.

merry christmas

i have pictures.....

these are swedish pancakes cooking on a swedish pancake pan. theyre great, you all should try them. also, a pic of the rutherford christmas breakfast, and big ups to ken who won this years swedish pancake eating contest with a final score of 50. i am going to get the plate for the plaque engraved tomorrow.

and finally, a pic of grandma and grandpa peters christmas tree, we were at their house this evening. i got a crock pot and a really great knife, as well as a nice blanket.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas lights

i seem to be addicted to pictures.
every year at christmastime woodys grandparents have a 'grandkids' night where we go out to dinner with them and go look at christmas lights somewhere in town. this year we went to a show called CALM. it was like a zoo that you walked all around with lighted animals all around. it was cool, its fun to hang out with 'rickys' cousins, they are all ages 13-19 so its amusing, and nice to spend time with grandparents.
well these are some pics that i took while we were there. the last pic is of a huge tree down the street from us. i am pretty sure it is a chinese elm, and it is bigger than any other chinese elm i have seen. they have two in their front yard, and they have been very well groomed over the years (groomed??). also, they have ENORMOUS windchimes hanging in them, probably five in each, and they must have been specially made, they really are huge.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

and shes even domestic

well, for christmas i usually make some desserts for my neighbors and this year is no different. except that this year all i made was the baklava (see pic) and rebekah, my sister, made everything else.

the church my family goes to has auctions (of people) to raise money and last sunday i bought rebekah so that she would come and bake for me. she came down this sunday and left this morning, making peanut butter blossoms, coffee cake, and a concoction called rocky road.

it was all wonderful, say the neighbors, and tomorrow i will bring the rest to work.

and here is a pic of bekah, we were at lunch in this one.

Monday, December 19, 2005

fresno and bakersfield

well, woody and i are coming to fresno for christmas eve, and i am hoping that we will even be there the day before christmas eve. is anyone going to be around and wanting to hang out?

also, when do people want to come visit? we would love to have people come down, and want to make sure we get some time off. so, does anyone wanna visit?

Thursday, December 15, 2005


some of you already know this, but i had a strange happening at the post office last week, and i keep thinking about it.
this is what happened:
i went to the post office in 93305 (old town kern). i asked for a sheet of hanukkah stamps because i needed a few, and figured it was okay to use them on some of my christmas cards, too. well, the gal at the counter tells me that they dont have any hanukkah stamps and pulls out some christmas ones. i dont remember what she said, but it was to the effect that the christmas stamps were interchangable with hanukkah stamps.
well, it bothered me, and i am still bothered.
she truly acted like she had no idea that they were different.
i cant believe it.

so, i hope you like navy veterans stamps.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


i forgot to bring our camera, so, you get my phones pics.

this is a picture of me, the newest treasurer of the kern county funeral directors association. i was voted in (and actually ran against someone) at our november meeting and was installed last night at the christmas party we had. it was held at the petrolium club of bakersfield, and for those of you that went to dana and julies wedding, it is where their reception was.

this is woody. he was the treasurer last year, and recieved a pretty plaque last night. pretty cool, huh?

and finally, this is another pic of me, for all those of you that just cant get enough!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

st brigid of sweden

this is a pic of a drawing i am doing. it is a rough draft. i think the pen i am using is too thick. i have done pointalism drawings in the past with thinner pens and i like them better. this will be a gift to my aunt, as st brigid is her confirmation saint. aunt joanne, if you are reading this, at least act surprised when you get it...

when it is finished i will scan it and it will be better than this picture of it.


goodbye tookie.

Monday, December 12, 2005

the cat and the christmas party

if you all are anything like me, you like pictures.
this is a picture of tappolina, our cat. we got her from my friend's dad this past spring. she really likes to cuddle, as is apparent in the pic. she sleeps either in my armpit or on my tummy. she also greets me every day when i get home from work. she is quite a talker, not to mention very pretty.

the other pic is me in my christmas dress. we had our company christmas party tonight, so i got to get all dressy and wear make-up and heels (which i suppose isnt any different from going to work every day, but its fun when you dont actually have to do it). woody was in a hurry, this is as good as it gets. just in case any of the girls want to know, the front of the dress has silver and burgandy beads on it, and the shoes were silver too.

so, there you go, pictures.


well, today i started a class to help me pass an insurance licensing test. instead of going to work and directing funerals this week, i am learning. see, i really enjoy learning new things, and liked school fairly well. this is not the case here.
why i am doing this:
there are people who want to pay for their funeral before they die. it is a good idea for a lot of reasons, but the one i like is that it freezes the cost of a funeral. since funeral costs double every 10 years, this is a large benefit, and when it is added to the benefit of not burdening ones family with decisions that are hard to make, especially while grieving, it shows why it is so popular to pre-arrange (i know that i sound sales-y).
so, when these people come in to the funeral home to pre-arrange, the home is not allowed to put the money they give us into our own bank account. this is where the insurance comes in. we put their money in an insurance account (or sometimes a trust) and keep it on file until they die. in order to do this i need an insurance license. so that is what i am doing.
now, i am assuming that all of that was really boring to read. good. it makes me feel better, as i am so bored in this class that i would like to know that i am not the only one bored by it (besides the other folks in the class that i don’t know). me, send me a text message, anything you can think of…i need something to do for the next week.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

new links

i added these people:
my dad. he just started his blog.
adam. he is my friend. he makes things out of wood.
ed. he is my friend. he paints.
carrie. she is my friend. she is always there.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

becoming a stripper

okay, i am going to start a project.
here is some background:
the house we live in was built in 1917 and is a california craftsman bungalow.
if you click on the link here it will take you to a site that is all about bungalow houses.
they are very earthy things, in my opinion, and are part of the arts and crafts era.
in being a craftsman, our house was originally painted in earth tones most likely, both inside and out, and also had a lot of unpanited wood (see example, not our house)
this is where the stripping comes in.

i have decided to try to strip the paint of the picture ledge and wood on the walls, starting with the dining room. in the other pictures you will notice that the dining room looks a lot like the example pic above, except for the paint.

i have been thinking about it since we bought the house, but i know what a HUGE job it will be and have been scared. i keep thinking, "what if it isnt pretty underneath." at first i figured i would just re-paint it if that happened. then, i started meeting people in the neighborhood that have been here so long that they remember my house and that it used to be unpainted wood....pretty wood.

so that is what i am doing....i have never done any stripping before...any suggestions???
anyone want to come help??...

Monday, December 05, 2005

silent job

i keep thinking of all of these interesting things to say. so many happenings, but my job is mute. i suppose it is better that all of these things cant be posted, i am tired of the “don’t tell me, i don’t want to hear it”, and i don’t need that here of all places.
what is it about americans that makes us so scared? how come the sureness of death isn’t embraced as the one thing that we will all experience, and so seen as a tie between the lot of us? why the taboo?
the more i think about it, the more i wonder. are we superstitious? will talking about it bring it closer? brings it closer of you ask me, but i guess that’s my problem…no one asks me…
i remember being little and hating the “how was your day, sara? what did you do”? it never seemed to matter all that much.. now i would love it, if anyone would listen. but nope, its death…who wants to talk about death?…certainly not you…

Friday, December 02, 2005

some links

i have figured out how to put links on my blog.
africam is a cool site that my dad discovered probably about 3 years ago. it is quite a bit more comercial than it was then, but it still has the pictures that keep me coming back. it has live pics of different spots in africa on it - watering holes, nests, and such.
geocaching is a site that my dad showed me as well. it has to do with those gps things that are for sale. you can get coordinates for different caches in your area and then you go on a little treasure hunt for them using the gps device. other members of the site plant something to find, along with a paper and pencil, and when you find that cache you check out what it is that they had hidden there and you sign in there. my geocache name is 'cachemeifyoucan' and i would love to start finding ones in bakersfield, but i do not have a gps device. hmmm... i suppose ill have to get one. also, people post some cool historic places on there, ones that arent necessarily well-known or well-traveled (think meux home, or fresno high). anyhew, theyre pretty fun

Thursday, December 01, 2005

o tannenbaum

well, its christmas. this is a pic of our tree (now, when i write "our" tree, i really mean: the tree that i went to pick out, i loaded in the car, i brought home, i got in the house (okay, i had help there), and i decorated).

i am not quite sure what it is about christmas, but i just cant get enough. i put lights on the house about 2.5 weeks ago, but have restrained myself from turning them on (i hate skipping thanksgiving, even if turkey is the main course). i even like the shopping for presents, as long as i am done with it by the time december is here.

i am thinking that we will be in fresno for christmas, so if we get any offers to go down christmas tree lane, i think we may just have to go!